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3rd February 2012

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Lemon, Leek & Feta Quiche

Last Saturday, I picked up a lovely bunch of leeks at the Farmers Market on Pico in Santa Monica and went perusing through my cookbooks to find a suitable way to prepare them. I decided to try the Leek, Lemon & Feta Quiche from Food 52. It made for a great lighter dinner last night served hot and a good brunch meal today, served cold with a little of the leftover sirracha-red-pepper sauce from the kale wrap recipe.

Alterations:Prepared as directed, including following the suggestion in the cooking tips to let the quiche set in the fridge for 20 minutes for a crisper puff pastry crust. My puff pastry and feta came from Trader Joes.

Do-Again?: It got a thumbs-up from my boyfriend and seems a little lighter than the pie crust method of making quiches. The lemon zest brought a really nice freshness to the meal, which paired even better with a bit of the bright sweet and slightly hot sriracha red pepper sauce on day two.

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