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11th May 2012


Vietnamese Rice Crisps with Marinated Mushrooms and Pickled Veggie Relish

While I would have absolutely no problem making Summer Rolls again, I was excited to find a new way to utilize my leftover rice paper rounds when I came across TheKitchn’s recipe for Vietnamese Rice Crisps

Alterations: For the relish, I used daikon and substituted basil for cilantro and raw cashews for the peanuts. Since I had just grown some oyster mushrooms, I opted to use them instead of tofu in the recommended marinade. 

Do-again?: These came out delicious. I think I need to play with the cut of the rice paper a bit to make them into more perfect cups. This was a little light for dinner on its own for two people but would make a great appetizer or accompaniment to another light dish. 

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