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24th June 2012

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Baked Egg Boats

We served up a little guerrilla style brunch this weekend in NYC for my boyfriend’s sister and her husband, who just welcomed an adorable little girl into the world last week. We brought over the supplies to make SpoonForkBacon’s recipe for Baked Egg Boats, one of the first things I probably pinned on Pinterest and something I’d been pining to make for a long time. It’s like the fancy version of Eggs in a Hole!

Alterations: Since we were in NYC, our options for sourdough were a bit limited, however we found some great crusty ciabatta that I think made a fine substitute. Instead of using demi-baguettes, we cut up two loaves of ciabatta into six “boats.”

Do-again?: Cute and easy presentation, delicious taste and endlessly adaptable depending on what odds and ends you have around the house. 

P.S. This was the 100th post on Epifurious! 

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