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29th November 2012

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Bacon, Kale and Turkey Soup

Not only did my Thanksgiving feast provide lots of delicious leftovers and Thanksgiving sandwiches, but it also left me with a fridge full of odds and ends to inspire even more meals. I felt like TheKitchn was writing a recipe just for me with the quick recipe for Bacon, Kale and Turkey Soup since I had literally every ingredient in my kitchen. 

Alterations: The only thing I didn’t do was garnish with Parmesan, which is just because I forgot. I totally had that in the fridge too. 

Do-again?: I would make this soup, even without it being leftovers. It came together quickly and was soothing and interesting. I really liked the flavor that the smoked paprika added to the dish. The bacon brought rich umami and the kale brought good texture and brightness. I bet this would be equally good with chicken. 

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