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1st April 2014


Crispy Black Bean & Feta Tacos with Brussels Sprout Slaw

At the store the other day, I impulse bought a bag of shredded brussels sprouts with the idea that I could probably make some sort of roasted tacos or salad with them. While perusing my Pinterest files, I found a way to combine both ideas with Dinner with Julie’s recipe for Crispy Black Bean & Feta Tacos with Brussels Sprout Slaw

Alterations: I doubled the spices and lime juice for both the bean mixture and the slaw. I also added garlic powder to the beans. Also everything tastes better with avocado. We only had three tortillas left so we just used the other filling as salad. 

Do-Again?: This recipe took 15-20 minutes from start to finish. Perfect for a weeknight dinner. I wouldn’t hesitate to make these again and would even cook them for guests. 

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28th March 2014


Smoky Vegetarian Beet Reuben

Aside from the weather, my favorite thing about living in LA was access to awesome Jewish delis. A #3 sandwich from Greenblatt’s is definitely in the running for my last meal should I get to choose. Since I’m currently on a vegetarian bent for Lent, I decided to get my fix from an unorthodox source — Food & Wine’s Smoky Vegetarian Beet Reuben

Alterations: I used ground coriander instead of crushed seeds. I also realized I didn’t have ketchup in the house, so I made my own with a combination of tomato paste, apple cider vinegar and agave. I also roasted three beets at once instead of just one.

Do-again?: While the flavors weren’t as complex and juicy as pastrami, this sandwich definitely was reminiscent of a reuben and was quite tasty. We thought it was better the second day when we didn’t toast the bread but could have also just been that I toasted it a bit too long the first time around.

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26th March 2014


Broccoli and Cauliflower Gratin Mac and Cheese

Rainy weather makes me want comfort food. Like it’s somehow ok to be wet if you’ve got mac and cheese in your stomach. To fuel a vacation planning session on a rainy Tuesday night, I decided the only cure was Rachel Ray’s Broccoli and Cauliflower Gratin Mac and Cheese

Alterations: I think I probably cooked twice as much broccoli and half as much pasta as the recipe called for. I used egg noodles instead of macaroni. To keep things moist and flavorful, I doubled the amount of grated garlic, added some extra mustard and hot sauce and also splashed a bit of cream. 

Do-again?: At first I was skeptical about using sour cream instead of a bechemel as my base for the creamy sauce but after some good seasoning, it was a nice way to skip a prep step. This definitely tasted like comfort food and the crunchy bits of browned pasta went well with the tender broccoli and cheesy cream sauce. Definitely glad I added the extra garlic and hot sauce giving it just enough tang and heat. 

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19th March 2014


Roasted Cauliflower and Chickpea Tacos

When I lived in LA, I realized I really loved tacos. Like better than burritos, which might make me a bad San Franciscan. Tacos are just easier to eat and don’t make you feel like you’re pregnant afterward. Also it’s easier to taste the guts of a taco because they’re right in your face. When I was a vegetarian in college, my way to make everything vegetarian appropriate was to throw some chickpeas in. So you can bet I was into the idea of Two Peas and Their Pod’s Roasted Cauliflower and Chickpea Tacos. 

Alterations: I didn’t have onion powder so I can added a bit more garlic and cumin. I also substituted the cabbage for this brussel sprout and cabbage slaw I had. I had to roast my veggies a bit longer to get them to crisp up more. 

Do-again?: My boyfriend called these blog worthy. They were super flavorful and will definitely make it into the rotation. My favorite tacos are al pastor but this is a damn good vegetarian substitute. 

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17th March 2014


Broccoli Feta Fritters

My weekly quest for more broccoli this week led me to A Healthy Life for Me’s recipe for Broccoli Feta Fritters. I decided to keep with the green theme and also made a shaved brussels sprout salad with a shallot vinaigrette and avocado. 

Alterations: I added an extra egg since my batter didn’t seem wet enough.

Do-again?: This was a quick and satisfying weeknight dinner. I also ate a fritter for breakfast the following morning. 

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7th March 2014

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Vegetarian West African Peanut Soup

From a pinned recipe to the dinner table in about 12 hours. This morning I saw a pin for Cookie and Kate’s Vegetarian West African Peanut Soup and I knew we needed it soon. I knew it would be a hit since my boyfriend likes pretty much every recipe that involves peanut butter or coconut milk. Plus this was veggie friendly and we already had several of the ingredients on hand.

Alterations: I used vegetarian better than bouillon and I wasn’t sure the flavor was going to be strong enough so I upped the amount of chopped ginger and garlic. My onion was also quite big. I opted for kale instead of collards and added in a roughly chopped carrot about 2/3 of the way through the broth simmering process. I used a combination of Sriracha and Sambal Oelek for the hot sauce. 

Do-again?: Super flavorful and came together quite quickly. The vegetables weren’t overdone and we didn’t even think this needed the rice (so we skipped it). Would definitely make it again. 

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6th March 2014

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Stuffed Artichokes

 Yesterday I began my nearly annual tradition of giving up meat for Lent. While I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself religious, I do like using the time period of Lent to make myself more aware of habits and what I’m consuming. I was a pescetarian for seven years before, so it really isn’t too hard for me to adjust. Especially when I can eat things like Macheesmo’s Stuffed Artichokes for dinner. 

Alterations: I scaled things down because I was working with three artichokes instead of four. 

Do-again?: Not going to lie, the prep work took some time. It wasn’t necessarily hard, but it was time consuming to cut and pry open the artichokes. Then it was a nice hands-off hour while they roasted in the oven tempting us with delicious smells until they were finally ready. My boyfriend was skeptical that it would be filling enough but the roasting time made the inner leaves really tender and it was definitely enough for a satisfying dinner. The outer leaves were a bit drier so I whipped up a little lemon pepper garlic aioli to dip the leaves in. 

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11th December 2013


Ricotta Pimiento Cheese Spread

Earlier this fall, my mom and I took a trip to South Carolina and Georgia. Almost everywhere we dined featured Pimiento Cheese in some form or another. In tribute to this trip, I decided to make Southern Living’s Ricotta Pimiento Cheese spread as another appetizer on Thanksgiving. 

Alterations: None

Do-again?: There was nothing wrong with this dish and it did the trick as an appetizer, but it didn’t necessarily beg to be made again either. I might prefer it on some sliced cucumbers or celery.

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10th December 2013


Stuffed Brussels Sprouts

Usually my family does Thanksgiving in the early afternoon, where it serves as the single big meal for the day. This year, due to travel schedules, we had Thanksgiving at dinner time, which presented an opportunity to serve appetizers mid-day to keep us sated before the big meal. I made Cooking Stoned’s Stuffed Brussels Sprouts, along with some stuffed mushrooms for those afraid of the little green guys. 

Alterations: I added some chopped mushroom stems and used low fat ricotta.

Do-again?: These were great, as tasty as stuffed mushrooms but you feel better about eating them since you get to believe you’re eating something green. The hardest part is finding big enough Brussels sprouts to be able to stuff!

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8th December 2013

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Roasted Delicata Squash Salad with Miso Harissa Dressing

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t have fresh delicious salads. And while I love squash season, I don’t necessarily love peeling and seeding them - which is why the delicata is awesome. It’s the low maintenance squash, which must be why Heidi at 101 cookbooks has so many delicata recipes including this one for a roasted delicata squash salad with miso harissa dressing

Alterations: Instead of marcona almonds, I used pistachios and I used a combination of yellow and purple fingerlings (which tricked my boyfriend into thinking there was sausage in this salad). I also left out the radishes.

Do-again?: Even after his initial disappointment about the lack of sausage in this salad, this got the thumbs up. The dressing was awesome - tart and salty and spicy. 

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